Where does the name Art Conspiracy come from?

First, the Art Conspiracy event brings artists and musicians together to “conspire” for the benefit of the local arts scene. Second, there’s the historic aspect to it. Our first event was held in the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff, where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested shortly after President John F. Kennedy was shot.

Our second event was held in the Longhorn Ballroom near downtown, once owned by Jack Ruby – who murdered Oswald days after the Kennedy assassination.

JFK-oriented conspiracy theories are a fabric of modern Dallas life, the name Art Conspiracy acknowledges this and also highlights the positive impact conspiracies can bring about.


Credit: Kate Mackley, Art Conspiracy 2005



When is Art Con?

Art Con events (we’re on year number 9, no big deal) are held in the Fall, usually the second week of November. We are a conspiracy, so the exact time, date, and location are only revealed through Ransom Note a month or two before the event takes place.

What is the Art Conspiracy Mission?

The mission of Art Conspiracy is to inspire Dallas art and music scenes to join forces for the benefit of a local non-profit art and/or music organization.

What is the Vision of Art Conspiracy?

Art Conspiracy fosters a sense of collaboration amongst the art and music communities that’s galvanized by the goal of community improvement. We provide innovative and accessible opportunities for community members to contribute to unique events and make a tangible difference to our chosen non-profit art and music beneficiaries.


How does Art Conspiracy select beneficiaries?

One of the primary goals of Art Conspiracy is to effect community change and support the arts in North Texas. Non-profits with an annual budget of less than $400,000 and that offer creative programming in the form of art or music that gives back to youth, families, and citizens within the Dallas city limits are considered to be chosen as Art Conspiracy’s annual beneficiary.

The chosen beneficiary receives the proceeds from our annual Art Con event to enhance their organization and programming. Funding must be used for creative programming, general operating that would increase capacity of those you serve, and/or capital improvement in order to build capacity to serve the community.

Interested non-profit organizations can submit an application to Art Conspiracy when the Art Con Call For Beneficiaries goes out (usually in March of the same calendar year).

The Art Conspiracy beneficiary committee selects our annual beneficiary after a review process that includes non-profit status confirmation and site visit.  Non-profits may apply only once every year.

Did you know that 150+ Artists are selected through a random lottery system for Art Con each year?

These 150 artists receive the Art Con signature 18×18 square board to create an original art piece at the Art Con site. Works created are then auctioned off live at the main Art Conspiracy event in a fun and wild, Free-for-all format.

Want to throw your hat in the ring?

Step one: Sign up to the Art Con email list (Art Conspiracy Newsletter)

Step two: Keep a special eye out for the top-secret date and time of the Art Con 9 Artist Call.

Step three:  Fill out the Artist Call Form. Time is of the essence.

The quicker you apply, the better your acceptance chance.

Our random lottery system will then pick out applicants numbers. You will be notified via an Artist Acceptance Note.

What to do if you are selected:
Ponder what you will do with your 18×18 board and get your websites or social media outlets up to date because a lot of people will be looking!

Our Lottery System

What to do if you are not selected:

Don’t panic!  Art Con relies on an army of volunteers to make this event happen. If you are not selected as an artist but still want to be a part of Art Conspiracy and the event, consider enlisting as a volunteer! (volunteer@artconspiracy.org)